Prashiksham Yojna


Hindustan Scouts & Guides Haryana State now presenting before you the Boy and Girl Programme – Pragatisheel Prashikshan whichhas been duly approved by’ the National Training team and National council. You are therefore now requested to adhere to this. The tests of various stages have also been incorporated in the test is upto you. How you carry its out taking rules and regulation into consideration. Please see that each boy or girl who has been invested in the movement should keep the test card according to the age group and should progress accordingly. He or she should not stay at one stage more than one year. He/She should be trained and encouraged for the next stage. The Branch Associations are also requested to arrange for their badges and special proficiency badges, so that interest of boy & girl is continued. They are also requested to contact their ‘State Training Commissioner’ for training camps and Training Instructors’.

The Scouters and Guiders should be very particular in sending the ‘Annual Reports’ along with their census to their Distt. Associations and Distt. Associations to the State Head Quarters and S.H.Q. in turn to N.H.Q. On qualifying the HEERAK/GURU PAD Distt. Association should register the name of scouts/ Guides who are qualified and preparing for Rajya Puraskar and President Award.We have added Yoga with all faith Meditation in this programme due to the demand of the time, research and its good results. Our thanks are specially due to our  Hon’ble Guru Sh. K.C. Jain, Former  National Trg. Commissioner(S) Meerut (U.P.) and Usha Jain, National Trg. Commissioner(G)Delhi for taking this heavy job in preparing this.

ADVANCEMENT OF A CUB/ BULBUL Period Age (6 to 10+ years)

1.Praveshika, 3 months
2. Rajat Kiran, 6 months
3. Swarn Kiran 6 months
4. Heerak Kiran 9 months.
5.Rajya Puraskar 7 months.

Advancement of A scout/guide Period Age(11 to 17+ yrs.)

1. Praveshika 3 months.
2. Komal Pad 6 months.
3. Dhruv Pad 9 months
4.Guru Pad 9 months
5. Rajya Puraskar 12 months
6. President Award 6 months
7. Extra Proficiency Badges (Extra)



a) Praveshika Rover/Ranger 3 months.
b) Kushal Pad, 6 months.
c) Daksh, 9 months
d) Rajya Puruskar 12 months

President Rover/Ranger Award, 12 months
Rover/Ranger Proficiency Badges.
IN SERVICE (as a member) 10 yrs. 25-35 yrs.


Requirement (Period – Three months)
1. Be told the first Jungle story. (for Cubs) Be told the story of Tara (for Bulbuls)
2. Understand the meaning of Cub/Bulbul Law, Promise, Motto, Prayer and Bulbuls six-songs.
3. Demonstrate correctly smiling, cub/bulbul salute and left handshake.
4. Do a daily Good-turn at home.
5. Grand Howl (for Cubs), Grand Salute (for Bulbul)
6. Whistle and Hand Signals.
Note:- After qualifying Praveshika the Cubmaster/Flokleader will arrange the investiture ceremony for Girls and Boys to become a Cub/Bulbul.

Rajat Kiran

Requirement (Period – 6 months.)

  1. Know how to keep personal belongings (clothes, shoes, uniform etc) neat and tidy and be able to sew buttons on garments.
  2. Learn to pray before meals.
  3. Do daily Good-turn at home and at school.
  4. Do Vajrasan, two B.P. Exercises -Toe touching and Knee bending and meditation.
  5. Be able to tell time by clock.
  6. Demonstrate any two of the following :
    • Somersault
    • Leaf Prog.
    • Hopping
    • Skipping
    • Throwing and catching the ball.
  7. Make a useful thing or make a collection of 10 different leaves 5 flowers and tell the name of each.
  8. Demonstrate any three of the following :
    • Ride a bicycle safely
    • Keep the place neat & clean
    • Use a telephone
    • Have knowledge of the prominent person in your neibourhood.
    • Know the home address of your Cub-master/Flock-leader, members of your six (Toli).
    • Write address and affix stamps on an envelop for posting.
  9. Be able to sing any prayer.
  10. Be able to sing flag song and National Anthem
  11. Note:-After qualify the Rajat Kiran Test award the Badge/Certificate.



  1. Prepare a handicraft out of waste material.
  2. Know the health rules, shashankasan, Tadasan and Padmasan /Another Two B.P. exercise and Meditation
  3. Tie a Reef Knot and clove hitch knot and show their uses.
  4. First aid of a simple wound.
  5. Be told the 4th & 5th jungle stories/Bal Shaheed Story (for cubs) b. Two stories from Bulbul Stories/ Bal Shaheed Story (for Bulbuls),
  6. Do good turns under the guidance of your Cub master/flock leader along with your six (Toli).
  7. Know the eight principal points of compass.
  8. Knowledge of flags – National flags, Scout – Guide flag, World Scout – Guide flag(WFIS).
  9. Play games – Balance games, 3 sense games and 3 jungle games for Cubs / Bulbuls.
  10. Demonstrate any three of the following :-
  11. Trimming, Light and put off a hurricane lentern or change the electric bulb,
  12. Run for five minute on foot/on cycle for three minutes and deliver the twelve words verbal message correctly,
  13. Sow seeds and grow a plant. Take care it for three months.
  14. Draw or paint a picture of any subject of your choice or Be able to preserve things.
  15. Make your own bed daily for atleast a month,
  16. Follow a trail not less than one kilometer/participate in a half day hike.
  17. articipate in one day/over night camp with pack/flock.
  18. Know about the care to be taken of little, sharp and valuable thing in the house.

Note: After qualify the Swarn Kiran Test award the Badge/Certificate.


  1. Handicraft-make a useful thing.
  2. Open a small savings Account in post office or bank or Sanchaika.
  3. Grow two plants and care them atleast for six months.
  4. Earn one proficiency badge from each group. I
  5. First-Aider/Guider/House orderly/world conservation Badge.
  6. Collector/ Gardener/ Observer.
  7. Athlete/Cyclist/Team player/ Swimmer.
  8. Artist/Cook/Home craft/Toymaker/Entertainer/Needle worker