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What Is Scouting »

In our opinion Scouting is not only a physical exercise but it is a way to uplift the soul of a human being to reach to god. It is a play way method of building a person to a perfect human being from the childhood to the time of going home of god. Once a Scout always Scout.

Origin of Scouting Guiding »

originally Scout word is taken from Military. Military of every Country has Scout wing. A retired top British Military officer named Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Lord Baden Powell won famous boar war of South Africa with the assistance of boys of Military person in 1900. He wrote a book named “ Aid’s to Scouting”. It was very much liked by youth Associations in England. After wards in 1907 he wrote an important famous book “Scouting for Boy’s”. It caused the origin of Scouting in the World. After retirement he held an experimental, but successful training camp in Brounsea Island in England, from 29-07-1907 to 09-10-1907 with 22 boys. It was the beginning of Scouting for Boys.

In 1928 Pt Madan Mohan Malviya requested all Indian groups to come under one Banner. They agreed and new National Association named “ HINDUSTA SCOUTS ASSOCIATION” , came in existence and Pt Shri Ram Bajpai, who run “Sewa Smiti Scouts Group and prepared Indian literature for the same, were appointed 1st National Organising Commissioner of Hindustan Scout Association, under the Leadership of Sewa Shri Pt Madan Mohan Malviya and Pt. Hridya Nath Kunjroo, Vivian Bose, G.S. Arundale, Mohan Singh Mehta, and several other prominent figures of India.


  • Developing good habits.
  • Inspiring for good character.
  • Making the aim of good citizenship.
  • Knowing & Expressing the skills of Cub/Bulbul section to be a good boy/Girl.
  • Helping his/her alround development.
  • Developing sense of respect for elders, public property, Family traditions, faith in God and love for Youngsters in the family, neighbour-hood and nature.
  • Knowledge his/her surroundings and culture.
  • To do a good turn daily.
  • Satisfy his/her needs for adventure.
  • Developing the sense of duty.


  • Developing his/her character to become healthy, happy and useful Citizen.
  • Accept and follow the aim of good Citizenship.
  • Preparing himself/herself in Scout/Guide skills to help others.
  • Making things useful for others.
  • Developing the qualities of a dynamic leadership.
  • Increasing the love for nature, National resources and adventure.
  • Knowing about his/her National & Heritage of culture and contribute for the cause of National Integration.
  • 8. Be aware of his/her capacities and use them in service to the community.
  • Accepting the challenges which contribute for his/her all round development.
  • Developing the sense of beauty to make the environment attractive and things in good order.


  • Becoming an active, participating and creative citizen.
  • Improving skills, vocational and otherwise, to self dependent and useful to others.
  • Making Scouting/Guiding a way of life.
  • Leading a refined religious life in service of man and God.
  • Working for the up keeping of our National heritage and culture with love for human values.
  • Feeling respect for himself/ herself and for others and their experience.
  • Having a fair understanding about national and world affairs in general to make the world better.
  • Participating with responsibilities in the developmental activities pertaining to National priorities.
  • Developing a positive attitude, leading a happy family life, selecting a good job, making the full use of his/her Rovering/Rangering skills.
  • Preparing himself/ herself to do his/her duty to country and develop love for universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood i.e. Peace and good will among human values.